Claire Jeantheau ’21, Staff Writer

April 22, 2021

Virtual wine-tasting and an in-person field day with inflatables are just two of the events that students in the class of 2021 may be able to participate in during this year’s Senior Week– an annual weeklong event leading up to graduation meant to celebrate those ending their time at the college. 

Each year, seniors are chosen by application to join the Senior Week Committee, which plans out the week-long celebration at the close of the semester. While this year’s committee has faced coronavirus and scheduling-related hurdles, they are still moving forward, planning both in-person and virtual components to be inclusive of the full class of 2021.

The event is still in its planning stages, and neither a complete schedule nor dates have been finalized. However, committee members were able to share their ideas in progress; in addition to the field day, a mimosa brunch, senior toast, and Pints with Profs have been proposed as in-person activities. Besides wine-tasting, students joining virtually may be able to take part in a trivia night. 

 “Students can expect a fun experience that will provide an opportunity to socialize with their friends and classmates and reflect on their time at Dickinson!” wrote Jessee Vassold, assistant director of Student Leadership & Campus Engagement, who is helping coordinate the committee. 

Tyler Catania ’21 added that the committee is working to ensure that Senior Week will not conflict with any critical dates as the semester closes—although there are no guarantees just yet.

 “….[Events] will not be on exam days and the in-person events will take place before graduation and move out. Some of the virtual events might take place the week after but we are still discussing scheduling,” Catania explained. “I don’t [want] to promise anything because we still have meetings where we will finalize the schedule.”

Catania, who applied to the Senior Week Committee to give back to his class, points out online-only meetings as a planning challenge, as well as COVID-19 requirements. 

 “….we have to follow CDC guidelines and COVID protocols which limit some events that we can do[,] as well as ensuring that students who are virtual can still be a part of our class celebration,” Catania wrote. 

Jakirah Williams ’21 expressed similar concerns. She hopes the committee’s plans let seniors “end their time here at Dickinson with a bang.”

 “The main challenge the committee has faced is figuring out how to accommodate both in person students and off campus students,” Williams wrote. “We have a few ideas on how to accommodate everyone and we should know more in a few days.” 

 Students who are interested in contributing to the planning process can get in touch with members of the committee. The group comprises Catania, Williams, Chris Mathews ’21, Olivia Riordan ’21, Maggie Wilson ’21, Rosie Sweetwood ’21, Liam Pauli ’21, and Bridget Williams ’21. Jakirah Williams added that committee members will be officially seeking feedback from seniors after the itinerary was finalized.